We stock a range of garden and hand tools to make your gardening experience easier.

Fiskars Pruner Bypass Metal Smooth Action
Fiskars Pruner Bypass Medium
Earthcore Pruner Bypass with Pouch
Earthcore Pruner Bypass Aluminium with Stainless Steel Blade
Fiskars Grass Shears 360 Degree
Fiskars Shears Powerlever Telescopic
Cyclone Shear Hedge Handy
Earthcore Lopper Telescopic Rachet Alum Hdl
Sirdar Hedge Shear
Earthcore Hedge Shear Telescopic Alum Handle
Sirdar Bypass Lopper
Earthcore Hedge Shear Wavy Blade Alum Handle
Cyclone Floral Snips
Earthcore Lopper Timber Handle
Earthcore Tree Lopper Telescopic 2.4m Alum Tube
Sirdar Pruning Saw Wooden Handle
Earthcore Pruning Saw Folding
Cyclone Hatchet Steel Shaft
Mattock 2kg with Cutter End
Earthcore Hoe Swanneck Fibreglass Handle 3mm
Cyclone Hoe Dutch 125mm With handle
Earthcore Cultivator Long Handle Fibreglass
Rake Leaf Black 2 In 1
Rake Grt Aussie Super Alum Hdle 580mm
Gardenmaster Rake 14t Nail
Rake Leaf 45cm
Cyclone Turf Edger
Gardenmaster Star Wheel Edger
Cyclone Aerator Lawn Tubular
Earthcore Spade D Handle Digging Fibreglass
Sirdar Shovel Trench Ash Handle
Earthcore Shovel Square mouth Fibreglass D handle Solid
Earthcore Fork D Handle Digging Fibreglass
Brush Weeding Zero
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