Tomato - Apollo Improved

Tomato - Boss

Tomato - Father Tom

Tomato - Mighty Red Improved

Tomato - Beefsteak

Tomato - Burnley Bounty

Tomato - First Prize

Tomato - Mighty Red

Tomato - Red Truss

Tomato - Roma

Tomato - Black Cherry

Tomato - Cherry Fountain

Tomato - Grosse Lisse

Tomato - Mr Ugly

Tomato - Black Russian

Tomato - Cocktail

Tomato - Juliet

Tomato - Ox Heart

Tomato - Rouge De Marmande

Tomato - Sweet Bite

Tomato - Sunny Boy

Tomato - Tomatoberry

Tomato - Tommy Toe

Tomato - Truss Plum

sa cherry tomato.PNG

SA's Best Cherry Tomato

sa tomato.PNG

SA's Best Tomato

Tomato Support and Pest/Disease Control:

Gardman Tomato Cage (Bruce highly recommends)

- Ideal for supporting tomatoes (also suitable for other tall plants & climbers.

- Gives all round support to heavy plants.

- Easily disassembled for storage.

- Tough & long lasting construction.

Brunnings Tomato Insect & Fungus Spray

- Suitable for tomatoes.

- Kills and controls: Aphids, Mealy Bugs, Scale, Thrips, White Fly, Spider Mites, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spots & Rusts.

Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust

- Dual action insecticide & fungicide

- For: Tomatoes, Broccoli, Zucchinis & Other Vegetables

- Kills and controls: Caterpillars, Cabbage White Butterfly, Aphids, Melon thrips, Powdery mildew & Black Spot.

Manutec Tomato Magic

- Water soluble fertiliser

- Also suitable for: Cucumbers, Melons, Capsicums & Eggplants

Additional information:

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Blossom end rot

Blossom end rot appears s a leathery dark patch at the bottom of the fruit.

Inconsistent feeding, irregular watering & low levels of available calcium increases the plants susceptibility to blossom end rot.

Blossom drop

The flowers may wither & drop off at the knuckle or the fruit may stop growing when they reach the size of a match head.

These problems are caused by a number of factors including: poor pollination, low/high humidity, inconsistent moisture, poor air movement, large difference in day and night temperatures, potassium or calcium deficiency.

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