We stock a range of hoses and sprinklers to make your gardening experience easier.

Pope Hose Fitted Titan 12mm x 15m
Pope Hose Fitted Titan 30m
Cyclone Hose Kink Resist 12mmx15m
Earthcore Hose Aquaflow 18mmx18m
Earthcore Hose Aquaflex 12mmx15m
Earthcore Hose Aquaflex 12mmx30m
Diverter Hose 34mmx10m
Earthcore Hose Soaker 15m
Earthcore Hose Soaker 7.5m
Reel Hose Economy 13mm X 25m
Hose Reel Pvc Coated 12mmx30m
Earthcore Hose Reel Cart 30m
Turret Wand Orbit 9 Pattern
Earthcore Spray gun 7 Pattern
Earthcore Watering Gun 9 Pattern
Watering Adjustable Spray Nozzle
Earthcore Watering Gun Adjustable Nozzle
Orbit Zinc Impact Sprinkler
Orbit Plastic Impact Sprinkler Head
Orbit Tractor Sprinkler
Earthcore Sprinkler 8 Pattern Dial
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